2021 Convention Chicago Delegates

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Introducing the B&R Slate of National Convention Delegates for Chicago DSA

During the past five years, DSA members have elected socialists to Congress, helped organize the teacher strike wave, joined the mass mobilization against police killings, and brought a socialist political perspective to millions of people during the Bernie Sanders presidential campaigns. In the process, DSA has transformed from a small 5,000-member activist group to 90,000+-member mini-mass organization. We are running to be delegates to the national convention as part of the Bread & Roses slate because we believe DSA can do much more over the next two years to build on this progress. We believe DSA should focus on the following core areas:

If you support these priorities, vote for the Bread & Roses slate: Alec Hudson, Anthony Quezada, Emilie Shireman, JP Kaderbek, Lillian Osborne, Melinda Bunnage, Sandy Barnard, Sarah Zimmerman, Stephen Thompson, Sveta Stoytcheva, Tristan Bock-Hughes, Waleeta Canon, and Will Bloom.